The Wondrous City of Howling

The City of Howling is a small, densely populated city tucked into the Howling Cliffs on the coast of the Tragic Sea. Surrounded by tall mountains and having no agriculture of its own, it depends on its bustling port and trade from the nearby Sundweller’s Kingdom. Its claim to fame is the magical Library of Howling, supposedly able to answer any question. Throngs of refugees flock to it like an Oracle, only to find out that it is, in fact, just a house of books run by a tyrannical group of librarians who use elitism and politics to keep the riffraff out. Discouraged, most just flounder here, turning Howling into a demoralized, crime-infested city of lost souls.

The players have all come here looking for answers to their own questions, their past, the present, or their future. Not without means, they have all taken employ as mercenaries and men-at-arms for an up-and-coming entrepreneur named Emerald Shines in the suburb of Tail. Hopefully, they will be able to gain enough money, notoriety, or both to one day enter the fabulous Library.


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Library of Howling

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