Library of Howling

11.Summoner Beware

The next day work continues on the wall since Red has regained consciousness. Double guards are posted on each end of the wall to watch for whatever has been shooting people with darts while Red works.

Marble decides to summon a “friendlier” ghost to go and find out what has happened with the first spirit he sent to destroy the shipwrecked sailors, and sends this spirit off north. After a bit he has gotten no word from the spirit (although he neglected to mention to tell the spirit to return in the first place) and after an unusual tug of war summoning manages to wrest the spirit back to him. The spirit reports that he was subdued by a much stronger spirit after he left north, but he thinks he saw some human body parts in the area too. After Bill makes the comment that maybe Marble should head north and go clean up his mess, Marble gets upset but does just that.

Heading out north, Marble senses the spirit before he sees him and quickly draws a protective circle just as the powerful spirit gets to him. After bantering a bit, the race is on to see whether the spirit can beat down Marble’s protective circle before Marble can suppress the spirit’s power. With just a tiny bit of power left in his circle, Marble manages to banish the spirit and returns to camp smug and victorious.

Meanwhile back at the camp, Bill has spotted two creatures nesting up in the eaves of the tower and, upon possessing one, realizes these must be the creatures that attacked the sailors back on the beach and sucked out their brains. Using one to attack the other, he manages to kill the first and then suicides the second into the stone wall. Bill decides the flowers that had been put on the ground here by the sailors had been keeping these creatures away, and they should make an attempt to find some of the flowers and bring them back to the camp.

It is decided that the group, minus Red and some guards and Switches, will head out north to see if they can find whats left of the sailors and verify their demise while also looking for some of the protective flowers. After running into a few packs of mangy wolves fighting over the remains of sailors, the group discovers a tent and some gear near a field of the flowers they had been looking for. Some nice weapons are found among the remains of some of the dead including a bone bow and silver bow, and the group uses the tent cloth to make a bag for the flowers which they pick and bring back to the camp.

Upon returning to the camp they notice more of the brain birds up on the tower. Bill manages to scare a few away using an emotion spell, and the two remaining birds are shot down and killed with bows. The flowers are spread around the camp to ward off the birds.

In the late afternoon, some blood is spotted on one end of the wooden wall, and upon looking, it is discovered that the head of one of the dog-men has been impaled upon the wall. Red uses a spell and spots a group of five of the dog-men in the distance, and the party moves up to the wall. After Red uses a spell to root the dog-men in place, the group proceeds to shower the dog-men with arrows, killing most of them. One appears to have magically escaped during the fighting, but the rest fell where they stood.