Library of Howling

20. An Old Enemy

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8.Logistical Nightmare
9.Strangers in a Strange Land
10.Cleaning House
11.Summoner Beware
12.A Parting and Meeting
13.Last Man Standing
15.City Livin
16.Urban Explorers
17.Lesson 1: Don’t Touch Anything
18.Lick Your Wounds and Get Some More
19. Magnetic Personalities

During the night the party stays in the armory in the city, Bill notices five figures in the distance watching. He suspects they are the priests from inside the large temple (Magnetic Personalities) and does nothing, and the creatures are gone by morning. The party makes their way from the barracks to go to Charm. They come to the bridge where Ox previously fell because the bridge is in disrepair (Reunitied). It is decided to split the loot to give Ox a better chance, but to no avail. He still falls through the bridge but is able to swim to the opposite shore.

The party makes it to the tunnel made by Red where they had spent the night before on the way to the city (City Livin). During the watch of Moon and Three Mules, scratching is heard outside the tunnel. Two simians with red eyes appear at the opening. While Moon and Three Mules can barely see in the darkness in the tunnel, it is apparent that the simians can see perfectly.

Moon tries and succeeds in intimidating the simians. They yelp and get out of the tunnel. The shout from Moon awakens the party. Moon and Three Mules head outside to see six of the simian creatures around the opening. Inside the tunnel, the lights from a fire and torches suddenly go out, and the party is surrounded in an unnatural darkness.

Moon manages to hack the arm from one of the creatures, which causes two of the simians to disappear with a clap. They reappear inside the tunnel, attacking Bill by pulling on his armor. Bill manages to remove one of the creatures, but it attacks him again. One of the simians manages to remove Bill’s helm, revealing the new headpiece gotten from the underground cave in the temple (Magnetic Personalities). Red performs a targeting spell to find out where the creatures are. Red hits the simian on Bill’s shield, which causes its arm to fall off and immediately kills it from the shock. This causes the other simian pulling on Bill’s helm to disappear with a clap.

The party heads outside to find Moon and Three Mules in a battle with the simians, which they can now see have a bulbous appendage on their tails with a needle. In the ensuing fight, a few more simians are dispatched until a large lizard suddenly appears to the left which causes the simians to all disappear. The lizard (approximately the size of a triceratops, though the party has no idea what a triceratops is) begins a charge though it strays away from Bill.

Bill moves toward a creature in the bushes, and as he gets close, he notices it has one arm missing (this one being the first to be attacked by Moon). Suddenly, the party is engulfed in another unnatural blackness. All of the simians reappear to attack Bill, who calls forth small lizards from the ground to help defend him.

One of the simians removes Bill’s headpiece and immediately disappears. Bill runs after it, along with Ox and Marble.

The party finishes killing the remaining simians, which causes the darkness to go away. With its sight back, the large lizard charges Moon and Three Mules. They both manage to dodge it, though Moon has a close call. Red traps the large creature in the ground, which allows the remaining party to kill it.

Joining Bill, Marble, and Ox in the chase of the one remaining simian creature are the summoned lizards. After running quite a distance, Bill notices the simian is running toward a familiar character: Tormented Tooth. Tormented Tooth grabs the headpiece from the simian and kicks the simian to the ground before walking backwards into a portal. Bill runs full speed and manages to make it into the portal, which Marble and Ox realize goes back to the city, and the portal immediately disappears. With no way to quickly go after Bill, Ox heads back the party, while Marble goes to kill the last simian, who realizes its grim situation. After dispatching it, the lizards are unsure of what to do and decide to begin attacking Marble. Marble manages to get away from the lizards and heads back to the remaining party members at the tunnel.

It is decided that the party will take the meat from the large lizard carcass for food and go back to the city to retrieve Bill. As for Bill, a fight is sure to ensue for the reclamation of the headpiece…