Library of Howling

8.Logistical Nightmare

After finishing up their personal business in the Library at Howling, the party returns to Tail with Switches and discovers some new faces in Emerald’s posse. Emerald has not only hired new muscle to guard his merchant trips to Red Fern, but four new adventurers have found their way into Emerald’s care.

7.Speartip Attack continued

After the party joins Red and Moon at the cliff above the palisade, Bill instructs the group to form a defensive position in case they are attacked by the mysterious swamp creatures. The rat man (Two Nail) becomes terrified when he realizes the swamp creatures are after him. Moon tries to question Two Nail about the creatures, but he loses all rational thought because of his fear. Eagle spots movement coming up the mountain along the tree line. Before long, Bill can see them as well, but then the creatures go further into the trees and all sight of them is lost.

6.Speartip Attack

After acquiring the surrender of all of the bandits, the party searches the caves to find a large food store hidden off of the remaining tunnel. Moonchaser proceeds to interrogate the rat men and discovers many useful facts, such as the purpose behind some of their magical items. He reveals that the skull Bill holds is a powerful device used to boost magical power, but is convinced that the party has no one of skill to use the item. Bill proceeds to use the skull to try to bend the emotions of the rat man, but the rat man proves stronger in magical prowess despite the use of the skull, and Bill is forced to back down. The rat man also reveals Red Earth’s necklace is for the storing of energies.

5.Mercenaries for Hire
Bandits North

The party attempts to wrap up affairs at the church and questions the bandit leader some more, and he reveals a hidden tunnel to another room in the catacombs. Faster, one of Bear’s Rage’s guards, is elected to slide down the tight hole into the hidden room and find the other exit out. Billhook meets Faster outside the Church, and Faster leads the group to the hidden entrance to the catacombs in a muddy ravine.

4.Church of the Bandit

Billhook, Moonchaser, and Red Earth take horses back to Red Fern along with Switches Way. They hear about Marble Riches’ following of the farmer and run-ins with Captain Bear’s Rage. The Party and Guards go check out the cave and find nothing. The Party tells Bear about the farmer, who has him brought to the guard shack upon their return to Red Fern. He has no new info, but Marble is able to interrogate him via Exorcism and finds out about a church up north.

3.Return to Tail

After reaching Red Fern later in the afternoon, the party is forced to stay at the local Inn for the night. While eating a large and more expensive than usual meal, the party notices a man stealing glances at them from near the fireplace. Marble Riches, after watching the man for a moment, quietly informs the party that the man has what appears to be a magical “hole in his head”. The party consults each other and decides to invite the man over for a bit of food and drink to see if they can figure out why this odd fellow is apparently watching them.

2.Second Trip to Redfern
The Second Trip to Red Fern.

A week or so after coming back from Red Fern, Emerald Shines has had two new mercenaries join the ranks. The first is a barbarian from the north, carrying noble weapons shamelessly beside his wolf-pelt armor. This is Moonchaser. The second is a rich son of a merchant whose family are close to Emerald’s family. Emerald takes the guy on as a favor to get him out of some trouble he had somewhere back home to the south. This is Marble Riches. The four set out to Red Fern. They are to pick up a wagon there and drive it back to Tail.

1.First Logs

Working for Emerald.

The players are all under the employ of Emerald Shines. He has a building which serves as a boarding house, a tavern, a stable, and a warehouse for various mercantile endeavors. The players live in his building. Currently, Emerald has two others in his employ besides the general staff of a cook, waitress, and stable boy. These are Brand, his right-hand man and bodyguard, and Switches Way, an elderly scholar who is away at the Library.

The First Trip to Red Fern.

Red Earth and Billhook make the first trip out to Red Fern, the closest village in Sun-dweller’s Kingdom to the village of Tail.