Eagle Fiercely Watches

Longbowman, Tracker, Bounty Hunter


Eagle is a medium-to-slight build man in his late twenties. He’s a Highland Barbarian who dresses in the manner of a mix between a Sundweller woodsman and a barbarian, that is, consisting mainly of cured leather, furs and hides. He carries a short, stout sword, a hefty dagger and a longbow. He has darker skin than most Sundwellers, black hair and dark eyes.

He seems like a friendly fellow who likes making jokes and tell funny stories. He’s not prone to brag or glorify his stories, unless maybe, to make them funnier. He seems more interested in money than glory or principles and constantly prods for news of work or jobs. He doesn’t seem to hang back and let others do the work; he’s quick to take point and use his skills as a tracker to efficient use.

His skills in tracking and the longbow are exceptional. He has made some money at catching bandits along the Southern Road with the players. He says that the bounties up north are hard to come by with so much pressure put on by the armies along the Northern Road. He doesn’t seem to care for the soldiers and authority of the Sundweller army, but that is not uncommon among the more independent Highland tribes.


AKA Old Man Fish

Eagle Fiercely Watches

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