Bear's Rage

Captain of the Sundweller Army, in charge of tracking bandits in the south.


Bear’s Rage is a huge man with blonde-going-to-gray hair and a thick straight beard that he keeps relatively short. He has noticable cuts, scars and breaks all over, but none as jarring as the huge tear across his right eye. The eye itself is milky and presumably dead. The good eye is a cold gray blue, almost without color at all. He wears a well-made breastplate over standard-issue ringmail and carries a large noblemen’s bastard sword with a gemmed pommel. Despite it’s ornamentation, it’s obviously well worn and well maintained. He also carries a shield with the crest of a bear, two stout gladii, at least one long hip dagger and one long boot dagger.

He seems gruff, serious, and generally irritated all of the time. He’s always all business and doesn’t like to “discuss” orders. His three favored soldiers are all quiet men and that take orders followed by immediate action and seeing behavior like this is about the closest Bear’s Rage comes to smiling. He seems to have little patience with the lazy soldiers of Red Fern and speaks about Lord Feral, the Head Justicar, with obvious disdain. He seems deeply concerned about witchcraft being used against the kingdom, but so far has only met the use of witchcraft with a raised eyebrow, whether it be in the hands of an ally or unleashed by an enemy.

Bear's Rage

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