Tormented Tooth

Demon God of the pantheon of the Burning Night


Tormented Tooth appears as a bipedal wolf with a man’s head. The top of his head is merely fuzzy and skin shows through, not furry like his body and his face has the permanent countance of rage. There is the suggestion of fangs and he has long wicked claws. He took over his own statue as a body and so stands about nine feet tall, but whether this is normal or not, is unknown. His favorite spell in the attack is a “Magic Fountain” that causes a mage’s powers to go haywire, affecting the mage, or those around him, adversely depending on the spell that goes off. He also teleported around the room and through walls. He leapt well over 100 feet when escaping.


Introduced when Marble went in to inspect the “foggy area” near the palace (Don’t Touch Anything), Tormented Tooth entered Marble’s body and then hid there. He was hidden so well that not even Bill’s sensing abilities identified anything wrong with Marble. The first night that Marble stood watch Tormented Tooth stole his body, putting the other watch guard Thirsty to sleep. He ran around on his own before entering back into Marble’s body in his hidden fashion. The only identifying factor of the nights events were Bill and Moon experiencing odd dreams about fire (Lick Your Wounds…).

Tormented Tooth gained his own form when the party entered into his chapel. Odd experiences started plaguing Marble before the group noticed him growing pale and sweaty. Bill ordered everyone out of the chapel and as Marble passed by the statue of Tormented Tooth the essence flowed out of him and into the statue, causing it to animate.

Tormented Tooth remained weak and not of his full powers at this time and was nearly destroyed by a series of massive blows from both Bill and Red. Using his teleportation powers he managed to escape out into the city and ran from the fight, escaping final destruction.

Bill, while searching the chapel basement discovered some of the holy objects of Tormented Tooth’s priests including necklaces, a scepter, a scroll, and a priests cloth adornments.

Tooth has not been seen or heard of since his escape.

Tormented Tooth

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