The Sundwellers are a race of people immediately to the west of Howling. They are a little darker skinned than the coastal people of Howling and Tail. Their hair ranges from fair and blonde, to sandy, brown to dark brown. Jet black hair or red hair is a sign of foreign blood. They are generally of the same height and build as the coastal people.

Their society is almost completely agricultural. Free farmers work the land. They are thought to own the land but must give lots of tribute and taxes to the lords. There a few dozen lords throughout the kingdom and a few of these are powerful enough to demand tribute and taxes from other lords. There is no title to distinguish one’s rank above the peasant. You are either peasant or noble. Above all of the lords is the king, Lord Lion’s Pride. His crest, and that of the kingdom, is a red lion on a sky blue background. Each of the nobles’ families have their own crest. Lineage is tracked through the men.

The Sundwellers do not have a high level of technology, even in agriculture. They have a large supply of bronze for metal and even some iron to forge into steel, although these items are usually kept among the nobles. They do not rotate crops, instead moving to new fields. In this way, villages are often abandoned or move. There is a lot of “wilderness” that surrounds the people and new fields are cleared even though replanting of trees for lumber is not unknown.

Their name comes from the most prominent religion, the worship of Bright, the Sun God. He is the grower of crops, the giver of life, father of families, king of kings. The dominant orders and sects devoted to him are as a harvest god, a healing god and a god of ruling and judging. There are also some worshippers of the Green Man and the Widow in large enough numbers to support many churches and orders.

Magic is met with fear and suspicion by Sundwellers. Magic is thought to be either the power of the gods or the curses of demons and not something that men should mettle in. They do have their share of hedge magic: simple cures, charms against this danger or that, simple actions that are known to ward off bad luck, evil spirits or bring fortune. Most villages have a Wise Woman, who lives outside of town and is an outcast despite their role as a healer and magical advisor.

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