Library of Howling

10.Cleaning House

The group emerges from the tower the next morning and sets to work. The first order of business is protecting the boat and its crew, and it is decided Marble and Moon will lead a group back to the boat and have them move over to Whistler’s Island where they will be protected from the shipwrecked men and the island’s other nasty inhabitants. A signal fire lit at the mouth of the river will be the signal for the boat to return to its current position and pick the party up. Moon and Marble set off with their henchmen, Thin Boots, and Switches towards the boat.

Meanwhile, it is decided that Red will use his powers to build a more permanent and taller rock wall around the base, expanding its size and protection. Bill envisions a larger camp of men being set up here over the course of fully exploring and plundering the island and wants a solid defensive encampment for the men.

The day continues and the group making their way to the boat finally get there, but decide the rest of the day must be spent repairing the sails and protecting the crew. They end up spending the night at the boat and do not push the boat off until morning. Just after the boat is launched (and takes some damage trying to get away from the reefs) the group is attacked by what appears to be feral dog-men. They manage to dispatch the savages while taking only minor wounds, but a new threat has emerged for the party on the island now. Shortly after dispatching the ferals, the group leaves to head back to the tower.

Back at the tower, during the night Ox had been standing guard and was shot in the neck with a dart, causing him to drop into a deep sleep on the spot. Red manages to sense very light footfalls, but cannot find what shot the dart. Bill decides any guards posted after that will not be up on the wall and visible to attack from outside.

The next day work on the wall continues, and during the process Red is shot in the neck with the same knockout dart. Bill uses his magic to try and find the culprit, but instead only finds a member of the shipwrecked crew keeping an eye on the camp from a good distance away. Possessing a bird he finds, Bill begins to attack the crewman in an attempt to run him off, but the crewman stays nearby.

At this point the group returns from the boat trip and information is shared. Marble goes outside the camp and proceeds to summon a spirit to attack the shipwrecked sailors with, but gets more than he bargained for and is barely able to convince the spirit to leave and go attack men elsewhere rather than killing him on the spot.

Bill and Moon make a trip over to the river and discover a large group of rocks blocking the inlet of the river, as well as some ropes crossing the rocks to the other side of the river. Bill believes the ropes may be used by the shipwrecked sailors and, in an effort to keep any on the other side of the river, cuts the ropes.

Everyone returns to the camp for another night, and it is decided there will be no more external guards outside the tower at night.