Willow's Nest

A Bard from the far south who is well-versed in the ancient stories


A Nest of Willow and Birch is a fair-skinned, fair-haired man of middle age. He is not tall and slight of build. He wears exotic fabrics and colors which feathers of unimaginable plumage. He carries a lute and a long flute and a long knife for protection. He also carries a large shoulder bag that obviously carries scrolls. He is smiling, handsome, and charismatic. He professes to be an expert in the Ancient Stories (he actually says the capital letters) and has a high opinion of his own culture as a repository of pertinent and accurate information. He actually deals in stories, wanting to trade one story for another.

And as a follower of the party and chronicler of their tales it has been found that he can’t fight for shit…

Willow's Nest

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