• Strength +0
  • Dexterity +5
  • Toughness +1
  • Perception +5
  • Speed +4
  • Phases 3/6/9/12
  • Presence +0
  • Intellect +1
  • Will +5
  • Intuition +1
Perks, Quirks and Faults
  • Mysterious Hunter +0
  • Military Duty +5
  • Reputation(Home) +5
  • Ex-Rebel +0
  • Hunted by king +5
Hero Points: 3

Skills Cost (in XP)
Profession: Scout +5   10
++Forest Lore +0   3
+++Knowledge +2   2
+++Survival +3   2
+++Recon +0   2
++Tracking +5   1
+Military Lore +5   5
+++Tactics +2   2
++Teamwork +3   1
+++Ambush +5   2
+++Bureacratics +2   2
++Military +5   1
+++Interrogation +0   2
++Animal Handling +5   2
+++Horsecare +5   1
++Riding +10   2
+Stealth +5   5
+++Sneak +5   2
+++Conceal +5   2
+++Hide +10   2
+Perception +5   5
Casting +9   2
Melee Combat +10   5
++Sword +5   2
+++Sword Killing Blow +10   1
++Shield Defense +5   2
++Spear +5   2
+++Spear Killing Blow +10   1
Ranged Combat +0   5
++Short Bow +5   2
++Thrown Spear +0   2
Killing Strike +0/-5 +1 Damage   
Group Rally +5   

Public knowledge of Bill is hard to come by, but in general those around him know he is an ex-army officer for a now destroyed army. Magic was to blame for the loss of his home (army life was all he knew and where he grew up at), but he holds no particular ill will towards magic or those who use it.

Bill instead focuses his wrath on those that cross his path. Given his army upbringing, there are rules to who must go, but make no mistake: once you are marked, you will be very lucky to escape with your life. Bill has shown his penchant for quickly and quietly removing those bandits his troupe has crossed thus far, and those that have survived will quickly beg for the bars of a prison as they know only death when they look into Bill’s eyes.

His favored weapon is the short spear which he uses to good effect in dispatching his enemies. Barring the loss of this weapon Bill has been known to brandish a short sword to finish off an enemy, and gives the impression that killing with his bare hands is not unknown to this dark soldier.

A leader of men, Bill’s battle plans give his troupe organization and purpose in the most dangerous of fights. His murmurs around a night’s campfire whisper of armies and the longing to once again be at the head of a cavalry vanguard.

After recently stumbling onto a magical cache of items held by the bandit leaders, Bill has become obsessed with a skull of some mystical power that reminds him of part of his dark history. He is feeling compelled to unravel the secrets behind both his hidden gifts of the mind and this magical item and what links it may hold to the destruction of the Blood Army of the Red General.


Library of Howling Morganti