Thirsty Ash

A man Marble Riches saved by suppressing a spirit out of him. He now wants to go on adventures with the group, no exception.


While the party was looking for information about the bandits, they came across a farmer who was acting very strange. The farner was muttering to himself and walking back and forth, heading to no specific place. But, there was something about him that caught Marble’s eye. He noticed the farmer had a huge white light coming from his forehead. The guards then arrested him to try and find out information about the bandits. The guards weren’t getting anywhere with there questions so Marble went in there to “question” him. He told everyone to leave the room. Once everyone did, Marble then performed an exorcism to push the spirit out the farmer. The farmer screamed in agony as the spirit was pushed out. The farmer then told Marble where his farm was when he was possessed and the party went there to investigate.

So the party defeats the bandits and all its leaders. When the party was about to set sail off to there next adventure, four men came up to us looking for adventure. One of which was the farmer Marble saved. His name was Thirsty Ash. At first we wouldn’t accept him in the group but he wouldn’t leave until they agreed to take him along. Marble was forced to take him under his wing and teach him how to fight. At first Marble didn’t really care to much for Thirsty because he thought Thirsty was useless to the group. But as the group ventured into the city, Thirsty became a very vital role when Moon and Ox went playing in a scum pool and Thirsty drug them out. It was at that point when Marble realized how important Thirsty was. So Thirsty was given two swords and learned how to fight with them and he was also given armor to replace those farmer rags. This is just the beginning of Thirsty’s adventure and he can’t wait what else lies before him.

Thirsty Ash

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