There have been several events of note.

  • Food shortage in Howling, related to the…
  • Bandit attacks on the roads of the Sundweller Kingdom
  • The Dogmen massacre, which immediately preceded…
  • The curious case of the elemental mage, Winding
  • Marble’s unknown stowaway, which when revealed became…
  • The release of the Demon-God, Tormented Tooth

The Adventure Logs:

Latest: 20. An Old Enemy

1. First Logs
2. Second Trip To Redfern
3. Return To Tail
4. Church of the Bandit
5. Mercenaries for Hire
6. Speartip Attack
7. Speartip Attack Continued
8. Logistical Nightmare
9. Strangers in a Strange Land
10. Cleaning House
11. Summoner Beware
12. A Parting and Meeting
13. Last Man Standing
14. Reunited
15. City Livin
16. Urban Explorers
17. Lesson 1: Don’t Touch Anything
18. Lick Your Wounds and Get Some More
19. Magnetic Personalities


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