Hedge Magic

Common magic, or Hedge Magic is the standard types of cures, charms, and superstitions that make up the standard “magical folklore” that common people know. True Wizards consider hedge magic to be false or at the minimum, woefully incomplete. Rarely is hedge magic very effective. That is to say, that the effects are often vague and difficult to determine whether anything happened at all, such as a charm which makes one “lucky”. This gives a lot of ammunition to skeptics. When effects are felt, they are usually minor. A cure in Hedge Magic will not miraculously remove a wound, but it may quicken the normal time it takes to heal and keep it from getting infected.

Nevertheless, Hedge Magic is an important art to common folk for a variety of reasons. First, it is very easy to do and usually requires a minimum of materials or power. Thus, it is accessible to common folk who do not the access to or the funds to pay a serious Wizard. Secondly, without the flash and bang of enchantment, it is not as scary. Many common folk cannot tell the difference between any two things supernatural and they are naturally skittish about powers beyond their control or their understanding. Hedge Magic is usually simple enough to be easily embraced by common people. Finally, it’s what they know. Being simple in it’s scope and practice, Hedge Magic does not require a lot of education and skill to use and this makes it a handy option for the resourceful wife or hermit.

Things that Hedge Magic can do:

  • reduce the time it takes a wound to heal
  • keep a wound from being infected
  • reduce or cure poisons, diseases or venom
  • charms against certain dangerous animals, like wolves, bears, snakes, spiders, etc.
  • charms against certain maladies of the body, like poisons, disease, venom, back pain, sunburn, etc.
  • charms against the supernatural, like evil spirits, demons, malicious faerie, ghosts, etc.
  • charms of fortune, either against bad luck or for good luck
  • charms of faith, devoted a god, designed to bring one closer or give the luck of a god
  • charms for specific skills, like sowing seeds that produce a good harvest, or smelting particularly strong metal or finding large schools of fish, etc.
  • spells which ward, to protect oneself from the evil eye, bad spirits, foul magic, cursed places or supernatural nasties, etc.
  • spells which aid, for bolstering of courage, boon of strength, a good memory, the ear of the gods, good luck, etc.

People who are experts in Hedge Magic are often referred to as Wise Women, or Wisemen, Hermits, or Hedge Wizards.

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