The strange dagger appears to be a half-sword-half-ax connected to a short wooden handle. It has writing of the “true people” on it and Red has determined that it means something like “Metal-Bad”, or “Mostrivaul” in the tongue of the “true people”.

The players never got to see it put to good use as the ratman who had it was dispatched by Bill quickly. Red tried to use it to enhance his earth magic to no avail, and Bill tried cutting the hand of a prisoner but to no special effect.

Against a leader of a bandit cell, Red noticed that the spear sliced the rings of the bandit’s ringmail like a sharp knife would cut fruit, but through the leather backing, it felt like normal armor. Later, agains the Commander, the spear sliced cleanly through his Plate Helm as if it were but paper.

Bill has had the piece mounted on a short spear shaft and uses it as a spear to great effect. Motrisvaul has been used not only against armored foes, but to open locks and locked doors. Bill has begun to suspect a sentience in the blade, but has been unable to find more information about it.



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