The only actual “man of the cloth” that the group knows is Switches Way. He is devoted to the God of Knowledge, Lore.

While the cosmopolitan people of Howling worship too many gods to count and thus are really devoted to none, the Sundwellers are a people of strong faith. The players have seen the worship of the following religions:

  • Bright the Sun God
  • The Widow

Gods worshipped by the northern barbarians are:

  • Planter
  • Storm Wrath
  • White Queen
  • Northern Bear
  • Old Traveler
  • Mountain Boar

The Black Sons of the Cauldron worship twelve Demon Gods divided into four subcults: Avarice, Lust, Vengeance and Death. The group only knows one’s particular area of expertise, but they’ve seen images of all of them as the priests in the Temple of the Burning Night represented them.

  • Thousand Eyes, a giant ant
  • Bone Hood, a misty cloak
  • Golden Shout, a bejeweled king
  • Rut and Rage, a bull-headed giant
  • Lonely Depths, a snake woman
  • Twenty-five Rends, a tortured and plagued bear
  • Sky Beast, a elderly leper
  • Winged Fire, a bat-winged lizard gargoyle
  • Tormented Tooth, Demon God of Hate, a man-headed wolf
  • Twist and Crush, an imp with a whip
  • Lost Blade, a cowled phantom with clawed hands
  • Corrupted Mist, a patchwork, mutated thing

The queen of this demonic pantheon is the Mistress of the Dark, the Lover.

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