The skull is of a unknown creature with a head slightly smaller than a human skull. It’s teeth are strangely flat, it’s snout a little long, it’s girth a little too wide. It is covered in magical runes, writings and knots. When activated, the eyes seems to glow and the color of the eyes seem to have something to do with who uses it. Here are the experiences with the skull’s power.

Ratman: the leader of the ratmen used it while casting a spell that seemed to possess the mind of Never, one of the Sundweller soldiers. First he stiffened and stopped, then he began to haltingly attack Bill. While the ratman was using his spell, his eyes glowed a bright electric blue, as did all of the ratmen using spells. The skull’s eyes also glowed with the same blue.

Bill: Bill tried to use the skull to possess the mind of a captive. He felt the man’s fear, but otherwise was not able to possess him. Later, he decided to try to make the man afraid. He felt each of the feelings of the people around him and was able to make the captives very afraid. This tired him greatly.

Red: Red was not able to get any affect from the skull. He felt nothing unusual about it, except for the heebee-jeebees of holding a skull.

Marble: Marble tried to possess the man but only by description of it’s use since he did not see it. He was suddenly gripped by terror and passed out. Later he confessed to being completely surrounded by ghosts and fainted.

Moon: Moon felt power in the skull when he concentrated on it. Then he decided to try to absorb it’s power. He was successful, making his mind feel slippery, faster, looser and clearer. The skull no longer seemed to have power.

Bill originally took the skull for his own, but has since passed ownership to Marble who has been able to use the skull to great effect in the fights he has had with spirits.

Celtic skull vessel


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